Gem4me Market Space — messenger of a new generation

Gem4me App – a platform of the future:
the messenger with a built-in marketplace

What is messenger Gem4me? Everything You Need to Know About It

Gem4me is a new multifunctional premium messenger, from the creators of the world famous messenger Viber.

Gem4me App is a global mobile service that combines a messenger with a marketplace. That means that on this platform people can not only communicate but also place ads, do shopping, follow the latest news – and do all this on an international scale. Such a decision has made the messenger very attractive in the business environment.

Gem4me MarketSpace is a relatively young service. It was created when such giants as WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and other platforms were already functioning on the market. This helped the Gem4me developers to analyze the mistakes of competitors and avoid them.

Gem4me messenger is a platform that is rapidly gaining popularity among users. According to the data got in February 2022, the number of messenger users has exceeded 30+ million people in 178 countries.

Gem4me is a messenger that, in addition to the basic functionality for communication, offers a number of unique functions, thanks to which the application can become your reliable assistant.

The messenger is available for users of smartphones with Android OS, for owners of iPhone gadgets, and a Web version of the application is also available.

Gem4me is a modern, simple and convenient messenger that allows you to exchange instant messages, make audio and video calls, conduct free video conferencing up to 1000 people!

Gem4me with a built-in marketspace

As a platform for communication, Gem4me MarketSpace is not inferior to its analogs in terms of available functions. At the same time, it has a simple and clear interface that is easy to master even for older people.

The basic functionality of Gem4me includes all the elements that a modern person needs for comfortable communication:

— individual chats
— group chats
public channel
— voice messages
— audio calls
— voice chats for up to 1000 people
— video calls
group video calls up to 1000 people
— screen share function
— cross-platform links
— chat bot platform
donations for bloggers
live stream using the Gem4me messenger
decryption voice messages

The messenger has a translation bot that translates messages and texts in seventeen languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Czech, Polish, Arabic, Turkish. Indonesian, Persian, Tamil and Hindi. Translation of even long messages takes no more than a second, so you can freely communicate with people in foreign languages.

One more messenger But much more opportunities

Marketplace MarketSpace in Gem4me app

The main feature of the messenger is the presence of its own marketplace. The Gem4me app has an integrated marketplace branded as MarketSpace.

It is a trading platform integrated into the messenger that allows users from any country in the world to offer their services, sell goods and buy them. The assortment is very wide: from simple souvenirs to luxury real estate.

Users can register their own stores for selling products or services promptly and with ease, as well as they are able to fully import their whole online store at once instead of importing individual positions one by one.

To get started in MarketSpace, you need to download Gem4me and follow the bot's prompts to create a store and put the product up for sale.

Grow your sales with platform marketplace MarketSpace.

Messenger Gem4me and marketplace MarketSpace: Communicate and Sell!

The most important advantage: There are no Censorship and Blocking on Gem4me channels!

At the moment, as prove real Gem4me reviews, there are no international service that can offer such a range of functions as Gem4me MarketSpace has. Because of it, the platform successfully competes with other famous apps and is rapidly gaining an audience.

Privacy of user data in the Gem4me messenger is #1 around the World

The Gem4me messenger is very careful about the security of its users' data.

On fully complies with the obligations regarding user data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in Europe on May 25, 2018.

Gem4me protects your data, your data rights, and makes sure you feel safe when talking to friends using Gem4me.

The process uses measures such as server-side encryption of your data, including your messages, audio and video calls, in accordance with the advanced encryption standard. This means that no one but an authorized user, such as chat members, group administrator, etc., can access your data, messages and calls. If data servers are stolen, no one will be able to read your data because it will be encrypted.


Set Up Gem4me on Your Phone

How to Install and Activate Gem4me messenger?

— Download the app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone)

— Open Gem4me on your Phone and tap Continue on the Welcome screen

— Enter your phone number and tap Confirm

— Codes received through an automated call will be entered automatically, allowing you to proceed to the next step

— Approve the requested permissions

— Import existing contacts into the app (optional)

— Fill in the details of your profile