Gem4me Market Space — messenger of a new generation


that is available not only to professionals
but also to the small investors


Do you want to invest with little money
profitably and safely?

What to invest in with minimal risks and minimal amounts to become a millionaire or to get the maximum income?

Everyone knows where to invest a million or 100,000 dollars.

But what about those who have only 10,000?

And if you have only 1000 at all?

With our project you can start investing with only one hundred and fifty euros - and become a millionaire!!!

Anyone can become an investor and get a solid Profit. Even from € 150 you get a magical chance to start your journey into the world of Big Money.

There are 300,000 shares left, but you still have time - just the scale will be smaller, but the yield of 1000% remains Available to you.

The minimum contribution is from € 150, and the income is from 1000%. Find out how you can become a Millionaire.

Be sure to read to the end — you will find a very valuable offer. Venture capital investment that works for everyone!

Information and Opportunities For Those
Whose Luck Storms In a Turbulent Time

Where and how to invest money in an unstable time so as not to lose it?

Precious metals, currency, real estate? The only correct answer is you must invest in innovative business ideas, technologies and products or services with potential market demand in any industry!

Such investments are called Venture investments. History shows that most of the Forbes billionaires became them precisely because of venture capital investments. And this is no coincidence. The goal for which the venture investor enters the project is to receive Super Profit!

Only innovative ideas will provide you with a strategic competitive advantage.

You will learn here and now how to save and increase your money in difficult times with the help of venture investment!

What is Venture Capital (VC) & How Does it Work?

Venture investments are the dream of any investor!

Venture investments bring a lot of money, stable passive income and can make you a multimillionaire overnight!

Venture capital investments are the most advanced and advanced form of making super profits in the world!

Do you want to become a millionaire — Invest in Venture projects!

Where do you need to invest money now?

Did you know that messengers and marketplaces today are an opportunity to make a lot of money?

Half of all global ecommerce sales occur on marketplaces, where consumers search for solutions rather than brands.

Messengers + Marketplaces are a Billion Dollar Business!
And those who own all of this are the owners of a multi-billion dollar fortune!

You've certainly heard about WeChat, Amazon, WhatsApp and other super successful IT projects.

Are you sure you would like to invest in projects of this level at the initial stage? But no one offered you to invest in them in order to get Super Profit.

Now you can also make money on this super-profitable market!

Traditional companies are now significantly inferior to IT companies in terms of development speed. So the WhatsApp messenger has reached a value of $ 80 billion over the five years of its existence.
And the Marriott hotel chain for 88 years is only 17.4 billion!

Mobile applications create Capital from scratch and in a few years. Traditional business companies need more than a dozen years to do this ...

Marketplaces are the most promising and most profitable market! And the one who understands this today — tomorrow will be not just a wealthy person, but fabulously rich.

Today the IT-technology market is already measured in trillions of dollars!

We invite you to the most profitable sector of the market!

Increase your Capital with Gem4me MarketSpace

What is Gem4m MarketSpace?

Gem4me MarketSpace — is a leading-edge trading and financial platform created and promoted on the basis of the Gem4me messenger.

It takes hundreds of millions of dollars to create a mobile app. And development teams, as a rule, do not have that kind of money and are forced to look for investors, who then, when selling, appropriate 95% of the income received.

We've changed the rules of the game!

For the first time in the Gem4me MarketSpace project, fundraising is carried out on the basis of venture investments from individuals, and not only from Business Sharks. This means that any person from any country in the world can take part in our project, and with the very minimum amount!

This has never happened before — venture capital investments is now available to individuals! The project belongs to all participants who help fund it, develop, test and promote ...

By joining, you have the opportunity to become the owner of shares in MarketSpace Custodian Services Ltd, an open-ended investment fund created specifically to finance the Gem4me messenger.

Your share capital will be equal to the number of your shares. The projected value of one share is € 3000 (at par € 75 today). And you can purchase any number of shares!

334 Gem4me shares in your investment portfolio — and you are a Dollar Millionaire!
There are already many future millionaires in our team! Join today and have time to become one of them!

Why is it profitable for you to invest in MarketSpace?

High profitability

The level of profitability is from 1000%, depending on the amount of investment. This is much higher than any bank can offer.

Low risks

Compliance with the rule of law and transparency of activities! Annual review of Gem4me application by independent auditing companies from BIG-4.

Affordable prices

The minimum investment for individuals is only 151 Euro — at 1000% profit, the maximum investment is not limited.

Quote on NASDAQ

Gem4me Group of Companies has placed bonds on the NASDAQ exchange — and this is the best guarantee of our reliability and security of your investments.

Marketplace Gem4me MarketSpace

The Gem4me and MarketSpace brand is a unique commodity and financial platform, equally convenient for large businesses, as well as for medium and small companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs with a limited number of services or product items.

None of the existing instant messengers on the market has a similar platform operating in the “messenger + marketplace” format ...

This solution is assessed by specialized experts as a breakthrough, unparalleled and unique on the mobile application market!

Gem4me MarketSpace project is 100% legal compliance!

Gem4me Investments Plc. is officially registered in the Maltese jurisdiction and operates in accordance with the European AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) legislation.

And this is already a 100% Guarantee - Full Transparency plus European Audit!

Transparency is one of Gem4me MarketSpace pillars of success. Investors can rest assured that they can examine all information about the project, including reviews, disclosure statements and relevant projections.

In June 2020, it was tested by the largest audit company of the European Union SIA DOMA AUDITS, which showed a doubling of the estimated value of Gem4me in just six months. As of June 2020, the number of users of the Gem4me messenger was 11 900 034. At the same time, the estimated cost of the messenger was $ 464 696 328.

The authorized capital of the company is 5,000,000 shares. With the planned sale of the application for $ 12,000,000,000 - the price of one share will be $ 3,000.

We'll tell you why MarketSpace is the best investment on the market!

Today the Gem4me messenger is technically completely ready - it works, it is actively used by 25 mil. users in 178 countries around the world and it is ready for sale. In June 2019, the Gem4me Group of Companies listed on the world's largest stock exchange NASDAQ bonds of the marketplace Gem4me Market Space.

Gem4me — инвестиции для частных лиц

The advantage #1

Investment safety is carried out according to the legislation of the European Union, which allows hundreds of thousands of private investors in the Gem4me project to safely finance the creation of the messenger and make a profit after its sale.

The advantage #2

Legal income and transparency of activities. Gem4me is regularly assessed by leading independent auditing companies: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, KPMG.

The advantage #3

The project has reached self-sufficiency and already now brings ultra-high returns to its shareholders. Hurry up to purchase Shares of any package in order to ensure a stable and reliable financial Future for yourself!










You can become a co-owner of the company by investing in the creation and promotion of MarketSpace marketplace based on the Gem4me messenger.

To do this, you need to purchase one or several blocks of shares, or any combination of them of your choice. Each package includes a certain number of preferred shares. Ownership of shares is confirmed by entering you on the Register of shareholders.

There are four basic Investment packages of sares:

GO package costs €151 — it includes 2 Shares
BIZ package for €454 — it includes 6 Shares
PREMIUM package for €1361 — it includes 18 Shares
INVEST package for € 3629 — it includes 54 Shares

The share price increases every week!

We accept payments for our shares not only in fiat money but also in cryptocurrency — BITCOIN or ETHEREUM

Make Invest to your stable future!

Do you want to save and increase your money?

Then join right now! There is nothing worse than missing out on a chance that could change your life

Gem4me MarketSpace is a Project that really deserves attention and trust!

Your life begins to change the moment you make a decision and take action!

Your first action on the way to Big Money is registration in the Project!

A year later, you will regret that you did not start Today!

Life does not give you guarantees, it gives you Opportunities ...

The opportunity to participate in this project is 100% fateful for you!

All you need to do is register in the project.

“If your salary is your only source of Income, you're one step away from poverty.” Warren Buffett

How to become a project investor?


— Join up for free and get more Information

— Choose an investment package of shares (from € 149)

— Place an order in your personal account

— Pay for the selected package of shares

— Submit documents for verification to become a shareholders

— Get an extract from the register of shareholders and a certificate of ownership of shares.