Gem4me Market Space — messenger of a new generation

Gem4me app – a platform of the future:
a messenger with a built-in marketplace

What is messenger Gem4me? Everything You Need to Know About It

Gem4me is a new multifunctional premium messenger, from the creators of the world famous messenger Viber!

Gem4me is a messenger that, in addition to the basic functionality for communication, offers a number of unique functions, thanks to which the application can become your reliable assistant. Currently, the number of messenger users has exceeded 25+ million people in 178 countries.

The messenger is available for users of smartphones with Android OS, for owners of iPhone gadgets, and a Web version of the application is also available.

Gem4me is a modern, simple and convenient messenger that allows you to exchange instant messages, make audio and video calls, conduct free video conferencing up to 1000 people!

Gem4me with a built-in marketspace

The basic functionality of Gem4me includes all the elements that a modern person needs for comfortable communication:

— individual chats
— group chats
— public channels
— voice messages
— audio calls
— voice chats for up to 1000 people
— video calls
— group video calls up to 1000 people
— screen share function
— cross-platform links
— chat bot platform

The messenger has a translation bot that translates messages and texts in seventeen languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Czech, Polish, Arabic, Turkish. Indonesian, Persian, Tamil and Hindi. Translation of even long messages takes no more than a second, so you can freely communicate with people in foreign languages.

One more messenger But much more opportunities

Marketplace MarketSpace in Gem4me app

The main feature of the messenger is marketplace MarketSpace. It is a trading platform integrated into the messenger that allows users from any country in the world to offer their services, sell goods and buy them. The assortment is very wide: from simple souvenirs to luxury real estate.

To get started in MarketSpace, you need to download Gem4me and follow the bot's prompts to create a store and put the product up for sale.

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