video conferencing

Free video conferencing

Messenger Gem4me offers free video conferencing with no time limit!

For comparison, Zoom (in free mode) has a duration of 40 minutes, which is less than a typical school lesson. Now Gem4me video conference can be attended by up to 1000 people, in the future - up to 10 thousand.

Free Gem4me conferencing is new opportunities for business development, presentations and distance learning.

During a video conference, you can use the screen sharing function (share the screen) for the conference participants. This is very convenient if you have prepared a presentation and want to show the audience not only yourself, but also your slides with information that is difficult to perceive by ear (documents, graphics, photographs, etc.).

Sharing option is indispensable for remote work. And what is important - all images on mobile devices will be displayed as high quality as on stationary computers.

Video conferencing is available in two formats: regular (unmoderated) and moderated conference. What's the difference?

The usual one is suitable for daily meetings and friendly get-togethers. Each participant has the right to vote, can speak at any time, interrupt each other or speak at the same time. In this case, the screen displays an image from the cameras of six participants.

But if the event is official (a meeting, report or presentation), then a moderated conference will do - in this case, only the administrator has the priority right to vote, and the rest for speeches / questions need to get permission - "raise your hand" by clicking on the corresponding button in the interface, and wait for the administrator to give permission to speak.

Video conferencing in Gem4me works on all platforms - on Android, iOs and web version in a browser.

In fact, the possibilities of using the messenger for educational and business business purposes are much wider. How else can you use Gem4me MarketSpace?