gem4me messenger vs telegram

Gem4me messenger vs Telegram

For users of any application, including a messenger, the most important thing is convenience, availability of all necessary functions and smooth operation. In Gem4me, from the very beginning, everything was aimed at the convenience of users, and therefore no restrictions were placed on the use of its capabilities. At the same time, high-quality communication and stable operation were always provided.

Of course, users quickly get used to convenience. Sometimes you can appreciate a feature only if it suddenly disappears or if it was recently implemented after a long wait. The rest of the time, all amenities are taken for granted.

But there is another way to evaluate the quality of the services provided. To do this, you can compare with similar offers from other messengers, and then all the pros and cons will become obvious.

Free Gem4me or Paid Telegram?

Recently, the Telegram messenger offered its users a paid premium subscription. The owners of such a subscription get more features than regular users.

After carefully studying the offer in the Telegram premium package, it becomes clear that almost all of these features are also available in Gem4me, but at the same time it is absolutely free for all users. And in some respects, they even surpass the offer of the popular messenger.

Comparative analysis of Telegram premium subscription and Gem4me public functionality clearly demonstrates this.

Limits for users

Telegram provides a doubling of limits for users, including the number of channels that can be subscribed to - now up to 1000 channels. The number of possible folders will also increase in the user's feed, and 10 pinned chats will also be available.

In Gem4me, there were no such restrictions initially, and the number of pinned chats is similar - up to 10.

File sizes and speed limits

Messengers are used for a variety of purposes, including for work, so it is important for people to be able to send large files.

In the new Telegram premium subscription, the limit per file has been increased to 4 GB instead of 2 GB available for all users.

Gem4me has no limits on the size of uploaded files. All messenger users can send files of any size for free. Also, there are no speed limits in Gem4me, and in Telegram this limit will be removed only for owners of a paid subscription.

Recognition of audio messages

One of the most interesting features in the subscription is the transcription of audio messages. It is useful for solving the difficulties that arise when listening to them.

At Gem4me, the developers are still discussing the implementation of this feature, and when it appears, it will also be available to all users for free.

Stickers and reactions

In Telegram, along with a paid subscription, new animated stickers appeared. Only premium status holders can send them, and all users can receive them.

Unique animated stickers were developed by Gem4me several years ago. They have become a bright distinctive feature of the messenger and were provided free of charge to all users.

Advertising in the messenger

The premium package in Telegram will also allow you to disable ads. In Gem4me, the ad placement functionality is still under development, and therefore, ads do not interfere with users so far. At the same time, bloggers who maintain channels in the messenger can receive donations from subscribers - a technical possibility has been developed for this. Easily send and receive funds to help creators monetize their content.

People are always interested in exploring new technical capabilities of instant messengers. Updates usually bring additional useful features. But the main thing is that users understand that they always have a choice, and much that they pay for today can be obtained in Gem4me for free.

Useful video about the Gem4me massenger:

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Gem4me is available for free download from Google Play / Appstore / AppGallery, during installation it is tied to a phone number, it asks for a name and nickname.

Gem4me messenger with a built-in marketplace - a platform of the future for communication, business and shopping!

In fact, the possibilities of using the messenger for business purposes are much wider. Find out how else you can use Gem4me.