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Decryption voice messages in the Gem4me

Decryption voice messages in the Gem4me messenger

The development team of the gobal Gem4me messenger has introduced a new functionality — decryption voice messages.

In most well-known instant messengers, voice message decryption is either not available, or it is available only to paid subscribers.

Gem4me has become an exception to the rule: the service is free and available to everyone!

Gem4me vs Telegram

Gem4me messenger vs Telegram. What is the difference?

For users of any application, including a messenger, the most important thing is convenience, availability of all necessary functions and smooth operation.

Of course, users quickly get used to convenience. Sometimes you can appreciate a feature only if it suddenly disappears or if it was recently implemented after a long wait. The rest of the time, all amenities are taken for granted.

But there is another way to evaluate the quality of the services provided. To do this, you can compare with similar offers from other messengers, and then all the pros and cons will become obvious.

streaming gem4me

How to live stream with the Gem4me messenger?

Almost every second active Internet user watches streams or streams himself. Live broadcasts have become not just entertainment, but also a way to earn money. What is important for beginner streamers to remember and how to get money for their broadcasts.

Live streaming has become not just entertainment, but also a way to earn money.

The live broadcast function is also available in the Gem4me messenger.

donations in gem4me

Donations for bloggers appeared in the Gem4me messenger.

International messenger developers Gem4me launched the donation function due to the growing interest of bloggers in the platform. From April 25, 2022, any Gem4me blogger will be able to monetize it in a convenient way for themselves and for subscribers.

Technically, this is not at all difficult: to connect donations, it is enough to fill in one field in the settings, where you need to specify the service for which it is most convenient for a blogger to receive money. This can be any popular service (Patreon, Donation Alerts, Boosty, DonatePay, etc.), as well as the blogger’s personal website or his bank card details.

create private public channel

How to Create your own Private or Public channel?

Gem4me is very good as a broadcasting platform: everyone can create and host their own information channels, both private and public!

The opportunity, of course, is not unique - there is one, for example, in Telegram, but they are not in WhatsApp and Viber.

In Gem4me you can create your own Private or Public channel, write and post articles in just two clicks!
Crash on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

October 4 large-scale outage of the Facebook, Instagram and messenger WhatsApp!

On October 4, a large-scale failure occurred in the work of the popular social networks Facebook, Instagram, the WhatsApp messenger, as well as the services TicTok, Twitter and Google.

According to the New York Times, the resources were fully restored only on October 5, after engineers restarted the servers in the California data center.

This was the largest network outage in a decade. What happened?
gem4me market space

What is the global marketplace MarkretSpace?

In 2019, the Gem4me group of companies began to create a marketplace based on the Gem4me messenger, which received the brand name MarketSpace.

The goal is to provide an opportunity for companies of all sizes and private entrepreneurs to easily create their markets and gain access to a new audience, including outside their country or region.
gem4me market space

How to start investing in MarkretSpace?
A beginner's Guide!

Looking to invest in innovative project with high profitability Gem4me MarketSpace - but don't know how to start?

We will help you. Let's get started Step by Step

Free Video conferencing

Messenger Gem4me offers free video conferencing with no limits on the duration of the conversation. For comparison, Zoom in the free mode - the duration is limited to forty minutes, which is less than a lesson at school.

Now the Gem4me conference can be attended by up to 1000 people, in the future - up to 10 thousand.
What is an online marketplace?

What is an online marketplace? What makes a marketplace successful for your Business?

Back in 1994, a young american, Jeff Bezos, founded an online bookstore, and without knowing it, he laid the foundation for the world's first Amazon marketplace.

Today, the company's profit is estimated at tens of billions of dollars, and its creator is recognized as the richest man on the planet. And all thanks to the sale of consumer goods on a giant Internet platform.

How to increase sales, attract new customers and make your product or service a hit, using the capabilities of marketplaces and messengers?
Why are people investing in the MarketSpace project

Why are more and more people investing in the MarketSpace project today?

The modern IT market is the most dynamically growing and the most highly profitable. In the past ten years, such serious sums have begun to turn over here, which are not even available in the oil sector.

They are now earning billions of dollars on instant messengers and marketplaces, which is almost impossible to achieve in other areas of business. It is for this reason that it is worth investing here in the first place.

At the same time, we are not talking about some incredible amounts, but about the money that the an ordinary person has ...
Venture capital

What is venture capital (VC) and how does it Work?

Venture capital is characterized by high risk, but also high reward!

Venture capital investments bring a lot of money, huge success, and stable passive income! But in order to get all this, you need to correctly figure out how it all works.

When you finish reading this article to the end, you will fully understand the principle of venture investing, understand new promising opportunities and guaranteed to get your Super profit...
Ten rules of a private investor

Ten rules for private investor

Like any system, private investment is subject to certain laws and regulations. If you really want to become a professional investor and create your own passive income system, and not just play investing money, then they must be followed.

Certainly, it is possible to make money on investments without any rules, but it will be casual earnings, and not a clearly predictable stable passive income.

The main goal of investments is to create stable passive income. The investment rules are very simple and straightforward. The only thing that is required of you to achieve that achievement of financial independence, to comply with them every day.
What is Crowdinvesting?

What is Crowdinvesting?

Crowdinvesting is when many investors finance a project, each making a small financial contribution in proportion to the total capital required. Over time, the investor receives the amount paid plus attractive interest in return, as a cash payment.

However, generally crowdinvesting is a very inclusive form of investing, with clear and transparent processes and low minimum investments. With Gem4me MarketSpace, investors can invest amounts from 150€.

What return can investors expect?
Alibaba Jack Ma Tong Wenhong

A great example from Alibaba, how to invest correctly and wisely.

The lady in the picture with Jack Ma is Tong Wenhong. She joined Alibaba 16 years ago as a receptionist.

When Jack Ma was allocating company shares, he gave Tong 0.2% shares right saying it will worth 100 billion when Alibaba goes public into the market later. He asked her to just stay in the company, don’t change to other companies and she will get 100 million when Alibaba goes public.

Tong waited years after years but Alibaba never went public. She asked Jack when will Alibaba go public in 2004 and Jack said soon. She asked again in 2006 and Jack Ma said soon, again...

The Gem4me has placed bonds of the marketplace MarketSpace on the NASDAQ.

The Gem4me Group of Companies has placed on the world's largest stock exchange NASDAQ bonds of the new generation MarketSpace to attract institutional investors.

The par value of the bond is € 1,000. The first tranche of bonds is 500 units with a total value of € 500,000.

Further bonds will be issued in the required quantity at the request of investors ...