decryption voice messages

Converting voice messages to text

The development team of the gobal Gem4me messenger has introduced a new functionality — decryption voice messages, which converts voice messages language into a text format.

Decryption is free and available in two languages — English and Russian, several more languages will appear later. The decrypted message can be immediately translated into 17 languages using the built-in translator.

Voice messages have always been a controversial feature: they are convenient for the sender, but not for the recipient. A voice message can be inconvenient to listen to if you are in a crowded place or at an important meeting, and it will also not work to capture its essence in a couple of seconds - you will have to listen in full.

Message decryption solves these problems: now you can quickly view the message without fear of disturbing someone, and immediately understand whether it is worth responding to it immediately. Of course, you still have the opportunity to listen to the message at your convenience.

To decrypt, just press one button, and the voice message will immediately be converted into text that will appear under the recording window.

In most well-known instant messengers, voice message decryption is either not available, or it is available only to paid subscribers. Gem4me has become an exception to the rule: the service is free and available to everyone!

The next step in the development of the Gem4me messenger will be the emergence of a news feed. Now the first step has been implemented - an algorithm for selecting channels has appeared depending on the interests of the user. The choice occurs at the first entry into the messenger, then the algorithm analyzes the user's behavior (which channels he views more often, which he subscribes to) and suggests new channels with similar content.

In addition, the developers plan to launch a full-fledged blog monetization functionality using an automated ad exchange.

Decryption voice messages in the Gem4me massenger: