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Stream function at the Gem4me messenger

Almost every second active Internet user watches streams or streams himself.

Live broadcasts have become not just entertainment, but also a way to earn money.

The live broadcast function is also available in the Gem4me messenger.

Stream is a live broadcast that is broadcast on various sites on the Internet. In fact, all live streaming and online broadcasts can be classified as streams.

What is important for beginner streamers to remember and how to get money for their broadcasts.

People enjoy watching live broadcasts because they feel connected. There is no exact script or opportunity to cut something, everything happens in front of the audience. Stream is also an opportunity for interactive communication, the participants of which are both presenters and those who watch the broadcast.

Playing a game, unpacking goods, streaming from a trip, and even just chatting with an audience live are all different types of streams. The main thing is that the streamer shares content with viewers.

Streams are often mistakenly associated only with online games. In fact, game broadcasts are just one of the types of streams. Ethers can be absolutely on any topic. The streamer can during the broadcast, for example, draw or program. You can do whatever resonates with the audience. After all, viewers not only watch the broadcast, but also transfer donations or rewards.

Why is streaming growing in popularity?

Some people like to watch someone masterfully pass his favorite toy, to get new useful information. Others find it interesting to observe a person, like his comments, appearance, way of thinking, jokes, image.

The streaming market continues to grow. There are more and more streamers, and the volume of donations is also growing. As a result, in 2021, the streaming and donations market grew to $2.1 billion. Such popularity, on the one hand, is due to the fact that broadcasts have become a new form of entertainment for viewers.

Useful video: How easy to live stream with Gem4me messenger

Gem4me messenger - function donations for bloggers:

According to statistics, 47% of viewers are willing to pay to watch streams. Authors-translators can earn on their airs in different ways. For example, display ads or sell a subscription to a channel. But donations remain one of the main ways for a streamer to earn money - money transfers that users (donators) send to the author in gratitude for the content created.

Live stream with Gem4me messenger at your private or public channel
promote it and be successful!

Gem4me is available for free download from Google Play / Appstore / AppGallery, during installation it is tied to a phone number, it asks for a name and nickname.

In fact, the possibilities of using the messenger for business purposes are much wider. Find out how else you can make Big money with Gem4me.