Gem Spaces feature

Today you will learn about the latest version of Gem4me Messenger, in which a new killer feature has been added - the long-awaited functionality for communities - Gem Space.

Gem Spaces, new basic Gem4me application functionality.

The general concept of Gem Space is as follows:

— Spaces are designed to organise highly effective and structured communication between groups of users with many interests and horizontal connections (family, colleagues, friends, customers, fans, etc.);

— Group communication takes place within a single Space for all users of the group, but is structured according to different chats, channels, videoconferences;

— Additional tools can be installed in the space to improve the efficiency of certain functions (monetisation, voting, business card, etc.);

In this way, any community — a small family or the audience of a large blogger - will be able to find everything it needs to to organise any activity they are used to.

In the current version, you already have access to the functionality of creating, editing and deleting spaces, the main group chat and channel, as well as the profile of the space, the ability to invite people to the space and the ability to add / remove chats from the space. This is a basic set that will be expanded, including on the basis of feedback from early users, focusing on their specific requests and needs.

In addition, in the current version on mobile platforms, the interface of the call will also change, and on Android, autoplay of videos in the gallery and the ability to scroll up by clicking on a section in the bottom navigation menu.