Donations in gem4me messenger

Donations in Gem4me messenger

Good news for bloggers from the international messenger Gem4me: developers have launched the possibility of receiving donations due to the growing interest of bloggers in the platform. From April 25, 2022, any Gem4me blogger will be able to monetize it in a convenient way for themselves and for subscribers.

Donations are the salary or tips of streamers.

Technically, this is not at all difficult: to connect donations, it is enough to fill in one field in the settings, where you need to specify the service for which it is most convenient for a blogger to receive money. This can be any popular service (Patreon, Donation Alerts, Boosty, DonatePay, etc.), as well as the blogger’s personal website or his bank card details.

As part of the blogger support program, Gem4me also refused to receive commissions from such payments. For at least the next 3 months, this feature will be free for everyone. For bloggers who have lost their source of income on other platforms, this will bring additional opportunities to fund their channel. Now there is not only the opportunity to transfer your audience to another platform, retaining it, but also to continue to profit from your activities without fear that the messenger will be blocked or limit the technical capabilities for users.

“The donation feature is the first step towards channel monetization, which will allow Gem4me authors to receive audience support. Our goal is to give bloggers not only a platform for creativity, but also additional income that will help content creators not to give up their favorite pastime.”, commented Olga Bobrovskaya, marketing director of the Gem4me messenger.

Previously, Gem4me has already prepared many convenient services for bloggers. In the catalog on one of the main screens of the application, users will always find channels of interest to them and will be able to subscribe to them. The most popular and regularly filled channels are displayed in automatic widgets – separate lists that attract the attention of users. The largest Gem4me channels now have over 60k subscribers.

The Gem4me blogging platform is suitable for both bloggers with a large audience and beginners. For those who are just starting to develop their channel, a special system of widgets is provided, thanks to which everyone who actively maintains their channel has the opportunity to be in the list of recommended channels and be visible to the entire audience of the messenger.

To date Gem4me has more than 30 million installations worldwide and includes both the usual messenger options (chats, calls, video calls, conferences and video conferences without restrictions on time and number of participants), as well as a blog platform for creating content of all kinds (posts, articles, broadcasts).

The plans of the developers of the messenger for 2022 include the launch of a full-fledged monetization of blogs using an automated ad exchange.

Useful video: Donations for bloggers appeared in the Gem4me messenger:

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Gem4me is available for free download from Google Play / Appstore / AppGallery, during installation it is tied to a phone number, it asks for a name and nickname.

In fact, the possibilities of using the messenger for business purposes are much wider. Find out how else you can make Big money with Gem4me.