Crowdinvesting is a popular tool in the world to raise capital or funds for a new project.

Crowdinvesting got its name from two words: "crowd" and "investing". This means that crowd investing is a "collective investment".

Crowdinvesting is when many investors fund a project, each making a small financial contribution in proportion to the total capital required. Over time, the investor receives the amount contributed, plus attractive interest, in cash.

Crowd investing is a relatively new, but rapidly growing concept.

Crowdinvesting gives people the opportunity to invest small amounts of money in a private company in exchange for shares or a percentage of ownership.

With Gem4me MarketSpace, investors can invest amounts as low as €151.

Crowdinvesting is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet.

Crowdinvesting allows a young company in its development phase to raise funds from a large number of people, the so-called micro-investors, who invest small amounts of money.

And for the investors, it gives everyone - even people with minimal financial means - the opportunity to participate in the project and make a super profit at the same time!

Once you understand the principles of crowd investing, you will see new opportunities and are guaranteed to earn your first big capital!

This information will be incredibly useful for those who have a highly profitable project and want to invest in it, but do not know where to start.

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Types of crowdinvesting

There are three types of crowdinvesting: royalty, public lending and equity-based crowdinvesting.

Royalties are rewards in the form of a share of the profits generated by the funded project. Most commonly found in the world of arts and entertainment. To finance film production, song recording, application development or computer games. The investor not only receives income, but also becomes a co-owner of the intellectual or creative property of the project. The amount of royalties paid depends on the amount of money invested.

CrowdLending (also called People's lending) – This is the most popular form of collective investment today.

The main advantage of crowdfunding is that all investors receive a detailed payment schedule and an exact return on investment. Another advantage is the open access to information about the profitability of the project and possible risks.

Equity-based crowdinvesting is the most advanced and popular form of crowdinvesting in the world!

In return for their contribution, investors receive shares in the company in which they invest, the right to receive dividends and the right to vote at general meetings. The shares can be either ordinary or preference shares.

It is this crowd investing model that is used to promote the highly profitable Gem4me MarketSpace brand.

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