Create your own Blog, Private or Public channel

Create your own Private or Public channel

In the Gem4me messenger, everyone can create and host their own information channels, both private and public!

Channels in messengers are a popular source of information among users, which in recent years has become a full-fledged media with unique content and with its regular readers. Any Gem4me user can create such a media, and in the future, if there is a sufficient number of subscribers, monetize it.

Such an opportunity exists, for example, in Telegram, but it is not available in WhatsApp and Viber.

In Gem4me you can create your own a Private or Public channel, write and post articles in just two clicks!

It is important that there are not many channels here yet, therefore, if you create any thematic one, the growth in the number of subscribers is ensured due to the practical absence of competitors at the moment.

Currently, Gem4me has channels for a wide variety of tastes and preferences. The most popular topics right now are: humor, news, financial management, personal development, educational channels, fashion, health, cooking and much more.

The channels are structured into four widgets: Most Popular, Fastest Growing, Personal Choice Based on Personal Preferences, and Other.

Please note that it is very difficult to advance in Telegram now, there are already hundreds of competitors on each of the popular topics.

It is important that there are still few channels in Gem4me, therefore, when creating any thematic content growth in the number of subscribers, it is ensured due to the virtual absence of competitors at the moment.

At this stage of development of the Gem4me messenger, it is convenient to develop channels and attract subscribers through interesting content, as there are still unoccupied niches in which you can take a leading position.

Channels are a relevant tool for bloggers. On your channel, you can create articles, communicate with subscribers, share photos and videos, and advertise products and services. It is a fast, simple and effective way to spread messages and content to large audiences.

If you are interested in creating and maintaining your own information channel in the messenger, then Gem4me is very suitable for this, moreover, this is the perfect time to start: on the one hand, there are free niches where you can take a place and become the first, and on the other hand, the messenger already has a large active audience that will provide subscribers to your channel, and you can immediately interact with your readers.

The most important advantage: There are no Censorship and Blocking on Gem4me channels!

Starting your own information channel in the Gem4me messenger is very simple: come up with a channel name, register it in the channels tab in Gem4me, develop your content idea and write your first publication. And if you talk about what you are interested in, close to and what you understand, then your audience will appear quickly enough and will constantly increase as the messenger develops.

Useful video: How to Create a Private and Public channel

See how easy it is to write and post an article to you channel with the messenger Gem4me:

Launch Your own beautiful a Private or Public channel with messenger Gem4me,
promote It and be Successful!

Gem4me is available for free download from Google Play / Appstore / AppGallery, during installation it is tied to a phone number, it asks for a name and nickname.

In fact, the possibilities of using the messenger for business purposes are much wider. Find out how else you can make Big money with Gem4me.