Gem4me platform audit

Audit of theGem4me platform

In September 2022, an independent audit company SIA DOMA AUDITS (Latvia) conducted the seventh cost assessment of the Gem4me Marketspace application.

When calculating the estimate, the number of users of the Gem4me messenger was 32,300,000.

And the single estimated cost of the Gem4me messenger platform + the MarketSpace mocketplace was $931,657,626.

From April 2017 to September 2022, the cost of the Gem4me MarketSpace platform increased 20 times.

In five years, the cost of the Gem4me MarketSpace platform has grown 20 times.

Gemspace Platform Cost Growth Chart

Gem4me cost growth

You won't find stocks in public companies going up 20x in that amount of time.

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