outage of Facebook, Instagram and messenger WhatsApp

Crash on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

On October 4, a large-scale failure occurred in the work of the popular social networks Facebook, Instagram, the WhatsApp messenger, as well as the services TicTok, Twitter and Google.

According to the New York Times, the resources were fully restored only on October 5, after engineers restarted the servers in the California data center.

This was the largest network outage in a decade. What happened?

The exact reasons for the failure have not been reported, but some experts suggest that it may be a problem with DNS servers. It is possible that a hacker attack also took place in parallel.

The malfunction of the sites, first of all, caused damage to the activities of small businesses, that is, to all those who use services to generate income.

For Mark Zuckerberg, such a mistake cost $ 7 billion, which lowered him to the 6th place in the top of the richest people in the world, and the company's stock price fell by 7%.

Social networks and instant messengers have become an integral part of most people's lives. Therefore, any problem in their work leads active users to panic and search for alternative solutions.

Since many users were unable to use the services they were used to, they began to look for replacements. As a result, widespread access problems occurred on many other platforms - from Netflix and Zoom to YouTube and Tinder. For example, according to the analytics service tgstat, Telegram has added 50 million new users.

Messenger Gem4me also underwent this test: the number of installations and active users at the time of the lockout increased tenfold. But at the same time, our servers withstood the sharply increased load absolutely without any problems (in contrast to the same Telegram, where there were problems with access).

Our users did not notice anything at all - they could still correspond, call each other, make purchases on MarketSpace and read the news.

This once again confirms that the infrastructure we have built works stably and will not fail even at peak loads. But we, of course, are not going to stop there. Already this week we are launching a new release, and a little later we will share with you our plans by the end of the year.

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